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The Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Princeton

The Battle of Monmouth

The Defense of the Delaware Forts-1777

The NJ militia during the Revolution

The Partisan War

The Ambush of Cornet Geary- a small unit action

The Battle of Millstone- a mid size action

The Neutral Ground-along the Hudson

The Whaleboat Wars- crossing the water

The Middlebrook encampment

The sufferings of a Continental soldier

The Pine Tree Robbers, in south Jersey

Paulus Hook fort assault

Tactics and Weapons

The Manual of Arms, 1764

The Asgil Affair

Banta Pension application

Bogert Pension application

Van Lew pension application

Sutphin pension application- Black slave

Vroom pension application

William Houston journal-1776

Poor Twist- the death of a soldier

Indian Raid

Mutiny of the Pennsylvania Line

VIP images of NJ- pictures and portraits

John Hart, signer of the Declaration of Independence for NJ.

The end of the war in New Jersey

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